Your Wedding Video: Why You Need 2 Videographers

Asking how many videographers you need for your wedding video is like asking how many moments you’re willing to miss. The tears on his face when he sees you for the first time, the way your mom can hardly keep it together — the moments that make you feel ALIVE. Those unforgettable moments deserve attention. When it comes to working with 1 or 2 wedding videographers, we don’t even consider having just one because you can’t create a meaningful wedding video without the extra crew, coverage, angles, and the other necessities for a cinematic wedding video. Here are a few things to consider as you decide on whether or not you need 1 or 2 wedding videographers.

The moments you’ll miss

Years down the road, you’ll relive the moments of this knockout wedding day through your wedding video. It’ll be like falling in love again, seeing the way you couldn’t get enough of each other on the wedding day.

What you don’t realize, though, is that your wedding video will also give you the chance to hear your grandpa’s voice when he’s not here any more — to not only tell your kids about him, but to really remember what it was like to be around him, and to be embraced by him.

We can’t forget the moments you actually missed while you were living up your wedding day — how your 9-year-old cousin snuck some cake into the coat closet, or the last-minute Starbucks run that your best friend made just before the ceremony.

The shots we love from being in two places at the same time

Have you ever wished you could be in two places at the same time? That happens ALL the time on the wedding day. Take a look at our fave moments that can’t be captured without one camera here and one camera there…

  • How gorgeous you look walking down the aisle AND how your spouse-to-be reacts seeing you for the first time (and if you have a third videographer, you can capture mom crying too in the audience!)
  • The close-up of your wedding ring being put on for the first time WHILE dad pretends not to cry
  • The bridal party toasting with mimosas WHILE the guys toss around a football
  • The speech you gave AND the just-about-to-cry expression on your husband’s face
  • Your first dance AND grandma crying to the beat of the song because her grandkid is hitched!
  • You and your sister breaking it down on the dance floor ALL WHILE your husband is chillin’ with the boys taking a shot


Wedding videographers work a lot of magic, but 1 videographer simply cannot get footage from ALL of those moments with just one camera in one place.

The angles you need for cinematic wedding videos

Which leads us to a conversation about angles. In addition to capturing the moments, the angles are essentially just as important (they help catch those moments too).

You probably heard this in your high school theater class or the movie course you took in college — your favorite movies, documentaries and heck, even your favorite TikToks take a bit of finessing. You know, working the camera angles to create a cohesive video. Transitioning from the venue shot to the ceremony and then that unbelievable dance floor move you practiced for months — well, it’s the variety in angles that keep your eyes glued to the screen.

And if you already know you want to share your wedding highlights on Instagram, don’t even think about sticking a video camera in the corner. You’ll just get footage of your cousin Jack enjoying a few too many free appetizers (and drinks if we’re honest).

The crew needed to avoid hiccups

So, how do you avoid cousin Jack standing in the way and ruining all of footage from your wedding toast? You need the crew there to manage the video cameras (and to get the angles you’ll be crying happy tears over). With a team of videographers, you’ll have another camera available where no one’s standing in the way, and of course, the crew managing the camera closest to your cousin will either move their setup or kindly ask Jack to step aside. That’s how we actually work our magic — preparing for the inconveniences and keeping it cool all the while.

The length of that final wedding video

The other factor to consider is how long your wedding video will be. Here’s a guideline to follow when it comes to hours of coverage:

  • 8-9 hours of coverage usually results in a 2-5 minute cinematic trailer
  • 9-10 hours of coverage usually results in a 5-7 minute short highlight
  • 10-12 hours of coverage usually results in a 7-10 minute extended highlight

Keep in mind that this applies to wedding video packages with two videographers!

Wedding videos to inspire you

What matters to you?

Do you want one quick recap film or an immersive wedding video that even makes strangers cry? We always vote for the latter but now it’s your turn. Cast your vote and decide on the kind of wedding video you’ll be watching with your kids one day.

P.S. We take kickass wedding videos because we use at least two wedding videographers. Learn more about what we do as Chicago wedding videographers.


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