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Orlando Wedding Photographers + Videographers

A husband and wife duo of Orlando wedding photographers and videographers bringing the energy, capturing that down-to-earth elegance and ensuring an epic experience. Traveling throughout Central Florida for weddings and engagements.

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"Definitely would recommend!!"

- ARIA, WINter garden, fl

Nicole & Michael are the genuinely the sweetest! They made us feel incredibly comfortable with the photographing process. We both had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed posing for each photo, which all came out gorgeous!! Definitely would recommend!!"

Yep, we are Orlando wedding videographers too. 

We love a strong Margherita, but our cinematography skills are stronger.

Selema + Brett

Haaave you met Nicole + Michael?

Your Orlando, FL wedding photographer team

Documenting the edge-of-your-seat emotions and amping up the larger-than-life moments, we don’t just hype you up, we jump headlong into the feels. We want your flaming hot love to blaze through in the photos. And we’re a little extra when it comes to becoming experts in knowing your must-haves. Like if you’re crazy about capturing that first sip of your wedding cocktail, we will be too. And if you’re ready to get all the fresh and romantic shots, and then take shots with your besties? We’re so down. We have yet to encounter anything we won’t do to get the drop-dead gorgeous photos and videos.

Oh and we’re also Chicago natives and cat lovers who met in photography class. Michael accidentally gave Nicole the wrong number, but a first date with cheese fries made up for it. Only two weeks later, we were side by side, cameras in hand, kicking off what would be the adventure and a career of a lifetime. Now we’re married, running a wedding photography and videography business based in Florida and Chicago. Game nights, double dates and wedding days are our faves. Plus palm trees — they were in our brand before we ever moved our lives down south.

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We’re known for…

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Our gig is a mix of photography and videography, getting you the stunning looks you dream about without inviting a stranger into the mix.

Ridiculously beautiful photography + videography

Professional (and fresh) lighting — you’ve got it. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the quality should too.

wow lighting

Planner or not, we will — and with maddening excitement — get into the details with a timeline that considers what you want, where the real-party-within-the-party will happen and how we’ll take all the photos and videos you want.

being the ceo's of timelines

Fun fact — Aspen Avenue also alludes to double-A battery energy, hyping you up and pumping up the emotions too. One of us knows the worm too…can you guess who? Find out on the dance floor.

amping you up

  • 8 hours of photography coverage 
  • 1 photographer 
  • Photography timeline
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • Planning guide
  • Professional photo editing 
  • Online gallery
  • Printing rights + sharing copyright

one photographer - $4,500

8 Hours Photography Only

Palm Collection

  • 10 hours of photography coverage 
  • 2 photographers 
  • Photography timeline
  • Planning guide
  • Complimentary engagement session
  • Professional photo editing
  • Online gallery
  • Printing rights + sharing copyright

TWO photographer - $5,700

10 Hours Photography Only

Willow Collection

  • 8 hours of photography + videography coverage 
  • 1 photographer 
  • Complimentary drone coverage (weather permitting)
  • Photography timeline + prepping
  • Planning guide
  • 2-3 minute cinematic trailer 
  • Professional photo editing
  • Online gallery
  • Printing rights + sharing copyright


8 Hours Photography + Video

Zara Collection

  • 8 hours of photography + videography coverage
  • 2 photographers
  • Complimentary drone coverage (weather permitting)
  • Complimentary boudoir session or engagement session
  • Photography timeline + prepping
  • Planning guide
  • 5-7 minute short highlight
  • Professional photo editing
  • Online gallery 
  • Printing rights + sharing copyright


8 Hours Photography + Video

Aspen Collection

For a heart-pumping celebration

The best Florida wedding venues

The Balcony Orlando

The Mulberry

Bella Collina

meet you there?

White Rock

You’re gonna need some mosquito spray or have your wedding in the winter. Okay but in all seriousness, early spring is best, followed by fall. And by early spring, we mean March or April if you prefer bright and breezy weather. That’s our jam — not too hot, not too cold. Then there’s September and October, your best bets for the fall, but with those months, you’re at risk of the effects of hurricane season.

So, which date do we save for you?

P.S. The best month to get married in Florida is…

The Next Steps

let's go!

Say hey if you wanna talk about your wedding, your cats, your life…no topic is off the table. But we definitely encourage you to sip on some White Claws while we talk. We’re serious about photography and videography, but want you to be seriously relaxed.

1. slide into the dm's

(Thanks Spice Girls.) Anyways, you’re getting hitched on a yacht or in the garden around the corner — whatever it is, we’ll take the details, needs and dreams of your wedding to send over a few recommendations from hours of coverage, to the needed team (one or two photographers for example).

2. “So tell me what you want, what you really, really want”

All you have to do is add Michael and Nicole to your cart and everything will be as easy as two day shipping. But really, we have an easy-peasy online portal where you can sign your contract, pay your invoice and keep all the business-style goods in one place.

3. Get your order in like it’s Amazon Prime Day

Hang out, look good, remember the just-us days together. Plus, any time we spend together is a chance to break the ice and ensure that we can all bust out our dance moves, shame-free when the time comes. 

4. Double date + engagement photos too

Planning is our unofficial second job (tied with being your long-lost best friends). This means answering all your questions, sending the real-good wedding advice you’ll actually care about (with our wow-factor wedding guide) and putting a timeline together that is the shiii.

5. The planner with a camera

Yeah, those two magically in love people who look hella good in their wedding photos? It’s you. You danced, laughed (especially your wedding party), had even more fun and now you're hitched. Within 6 weeks, your high-res, you’ll-share-right-away-on-IG photos (and tag us!) will appear in your inbox. Videos, aka your Hollywood style films, come just a bit later. 

6. Wedding photos droppin’ like it’s hot

Questions + Answers Walked Into A Bar

The spirited Orlando wedding photography + videography FAQs

1. How do you pose us?

We know how to make you look like the best damn models there are, but we won’t tell you to smile at the camera (we’ve got better moves than that). It’ll be more like an Instagram-worthy walk in the park, you doing your thing with candid shots and editorial poses. Want to know the secret, though? It’s all about THEM angles. We know how to capture your good side and have a few tricks up our sleeve to pull out all the tears, laughs and emotions. Plus, with Michael and I there — we can show you how to pose, instead of just telling you.

2. How soon should we book?

This Q is a little forward for our first convo, but we love it. Our calendar has weddings booked 6-18 months in advance (crazy, we know!). So if a pristine Saturday night event is on your mind, it’s better to reach out sooner rather than later.

3. are you the team or do you hire out?

This dream team took years, love and our own wedding (yes, we’re hitched too), to put together. So we will be the ones that are personally there! You can’t hire this kind of energy out!


Great question! The photography timeline might be your favorite thing ever, besides your boo thang! We create a custom timeline for every wedding to keep your day on schedule and make sure that no important shots are missed!


The wheels don’t stop turning after the wedding day — we keep things rolling, hand-editing every single final photo and putting all of your video shots into jaw-dropping highlight reels. Photos take about 6 weeks to show up in your inbox (ready to download and make all of your Instagram followers jealous) and videos are delivered up to 12 weeks after the wedding.

"The perfect hype duo to any wedding!"

- alex, orlando, fl

"Michael and Nicole are truly the perfect hype duo to any wedding! They automatically make you feel like you're the biggest star in the room! From the energy to making you laugh with all their ideas to get the right shot really amazes me! I would book them 100 times over!!!"

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Central + Orlando, Fl wedding photographer

So are we sailing off into the sunset or nah?


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