We’re two Chicago photographers + videographers that are alllllllll about the vibes.

This isn’t about us, but it sort of is. The people you surround yourself with before, during and after your wedding day — well that impacts your lives and your marriage. And guess what? Our love spreads like wildfire to the couples we work with. We’ll hype you up, cheer you on and remind you that you deserve it all. Why? Because we feel these moments with you.


So don’t be surprised when Michael cries during the mom and son dance, or when Nicole texts you back late on a Saturday night before the wedding. We love and care about what we do, and that means joining you on the dance floor at the end of the night — part of the party, and not just an accessory.


“Michael is a burst of energy and Nicole was a breath of fresh air. We recommend them 200% if you are looking for amazing photographers.”
– Jennifer | Wheaton, IL


The bubbly, personable photographer

Has an eye for art and composition

Believes in making you feel and look beautiful

The Mary Poppins of weddings with snacks, hand warmers, water botles, and more essentials

A definitive mix of spunky and down-to-earth, you’ll find her sneaking in the corner to get the candid and emotional reactions

nontraditional wedding photographers


Your friendly neighborhood comedian with a camera who can handle any lighting or technical situation

The problem solver who believes that laughter is the best cherry on top for any circumstance

Thrives under pressure and is the official make-it-happen-no-matter-what type of guy


our mantra is: everyone deserves great

We’ll remind you how worth it this all is. We’ve had the wedding. We know what it’s like and we can promise you, it’s all worth it in the end. You. are. getting. MARRIED!!!

We will make you smile, whether that’s because Nicole is the most down-to-earth listener (a living diary for brides as she calls it), or because Michael is a jolly character who can make anyone feel comfortable with a good laugh. 

We’ll do whatever it takes to get a good photo. Michael is the photographer who will not be afraid to go to jail for you, and Nicole, well, she’ll keep an eye out for the cops (we’re joking, mostly). We’ve taken epic photos in the most unconventional ways — pants drenched in the fountain, standing on a ladder, running into the hardware store for that garden backdrop.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here.


We met in our college photography class. On the first day, I (Michael) accidentally gave her the wrong phone number. When class resumed the next week, Nicole confronted me. It was the worst. I fixed the situation by taking her out to grab some cheese fries. It took us about maybe 2 weeks after that before we photographed something together.

We did anything we could to be behind the camera. We built our brand, and our relationship, by making everything out of nothing. Now we’re happily married with two cats and the rest is history (meet the kitties below).

Our vows, abridged – Because you should know how we feel about marriage.

Michael to Nicole:

“Nicole, I wanted to first say thank you, as I definitely feel like I'm getting the better deal here today. You look so beautiful today. But not just today, you will always be this beautiful to me, tomorrow, and the next day and the next and then next… Nicole, I vow to show up. Life is going to throw things at us, and when that happens, we will be there together. When you take a hit, I’ll be there to support you. When you are crying, I’ll be there till your cheeks are dry. When you are angry, I will be there to give you peace. And through all these, I promise to be your nurse when you are sick, give you happiness and security, and comfort you on the darkest of days. I will ALWAYS be here… Nicole, they say ‘don't marry someone you like, but marry the person you couldn't live without’. For me, these last three years have been the best years of my life; I can't wait to start a new journey with you and be by your side till the end of time. I love you with every ounce of me Nicole. Thank you for choosing me.”

Nicole to Michael:

“The meaning of love is someone who makes you feel good about living. Who brings out the you who is joyful and giving – something that gives you a chance to be strong, or trust in another to help you along. Somewhere that you feel like you’ve been forever – a place where you’re growing and learning together – I feel that with you! I’ve found the someone who accepts me as I am, yet helps me to become a better, more fulfilled person… Our journey has just begun when I realized I couldn’t live without you – knowing that you truly cared about me during my darkness and brightest times. Love was unexpected – it truly found me when I needed it the most. I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you. Everyday, I will fall more and more in love with you – over and over again. Our love will be the greatest adventure in our lifetime, and I cannot wait for that! I love you so very much.”

The overlooked photo assistants

Unfortunately our cats can’t pick up the cameras (trust us, we tried), but we consider them Chicago photographers in training anyways. 

Dee Dee

Sweetheart, quiet, lap cat, lovable (more like mom)


Troublemaker, always seeking attention, a social butterfly (gets it from his dad)

Are we the cheese to your fries?

See if we’re a match.

You’re not hosting a wedding; you’re throwing a wedding party. And it’s gonna be hella lit.

Friendships matter to you, and you’re having the hardest time deciding who your bridesmaid and best man should be, because there are too many choices!

If your friday night looks like a game of cards against humanity with a bunch of friends, fully expect us to show up at your door with white claws in hand.

You’re animal people — cats, dogs — you name it. (we’re cat people, but we’ll accept you as you are.)

You’re quick on the draw — always game for a spontaneous adventure with just the two of you. (tell us where you’re headed next. We’ll live vicariously through you, or meet you there for some rad photo ops?)