Millennium Moments Is Now Aspen Avenue

Looking for Millennium Moments? This husband and wife Chicago wedding photography and videography team is now known under the brand name, Aspen Avenue.

Why the new name for Millennium Moments?

We’re not throwing shade on the old brand; it’s our history. It’s where we began. But we’ve outgrown it. We’re going out on a limb, entering a new chapter with a brand name that fully defines our emotionally-charged imagery and buzz-worthy wedding experiences. Here’s why.

From Millennium Moments Photography to Aspen Avenue

Wondering what inspired us? Well, first off, you need to know the fulllll story.

The origins of Millennium Moments

Before we got hitched and ran our photography business together, Michael had his own company that was called “Michael’s Moments.” So, to take that foundation, but bring Nicole into the team, we rebranded to Millennium Moments years back. We loved that it defined our first moments together as entrepreneurs, and the concept of kickass photography and wedding films for millennial couples was a motivating factor for sure.

As the brand grew and we collected more Millennium images…

As time passed operating under Millennium Moments, we realized that it didn’t completely cover the long-term vibe of our brand. It’s also just a long, hard-to-spell name that easily gets lost through the referral pipeline.

So, what would be the catchy, appealing name for our earthy and organic brand? Something the two of us could fully embrace?

Going back to our roots

Well, we re-branded as Aspen Avenue, a name that holds special meaning for us:

  • When we got married in Colorado at the Garden of the Gods, we visited Aspen and fell in love with it. Nicole balled her eyes out, it was that beautiful.
  • Aspen represents the emotional, timeless and organic parts of who we are, and how we always want this company to feel.
  • We’ve always said we’re your “friendly neighborhood photographers” and avenue captures that, a come on down the lane feel, your best friend next door. It’s inviting and comfortable. After all, we bring White Claws to our double dates if at all possible! If that doesn’t have a best-friend-level, neighborly charm, we don’t know what does.
  • If you’ve ever worked with us or seen our photos and videos, we are the hype duo to a T! We love amping our couples up. After we came up with the new name, Aspen Avenue, we realized there was this fun little easter egg of Aspen Avenue (the two As at the beginning) that alludes to double-A batteries. We bring the energy, and our couples charge us up. It’s perf!

Bringing the energy

The definition below almost slayed us when we followed our train of thought from double-A batteries to the Energizer-bunny.

Legitimately, just think of us as the Energizer bunny team for your wedding, except that you’re the cute ones we’re all gushing over!

And now you’ll find us down the street too

With the rebrand, comes the opening of a new base too. You can now catch us where the palm trees dance by the water (Florida) and in our hometown of Chicago.

Nicole says see you later alligator all the time anyways, so it fits right in that now we are literally hanging out near alligator alley half the year. That’s where Michael’s family is, and it lets us live the best of both worlds — near our Chicago couples (and besties), and oceanside too.

Still part of the Millennium photography family tree

We’ll never forget where we came from, but we cannot wait to run this business under a name that fully fits this new chapter as a married couple, and with a business that has more raving fans than we could have ever dreamed of. 

The name is literally half and half — Nicole came up with Aspen, nostalgic as usual about our trip to Colorado, and Michael completed the rebrand with Avenue.

Thanks, b, for being here and rooting us on while we go back to our roots.

P.S. Shout out to our favorite Showit website designer, Rachael, and SEO website copywriter at Salted Pages. These two have been with us for two website and branding projects, and it’s been perffffff! Rachael designed all the goods for our new brand (and the old one), and Lauren is our wordsmith with the SEO secret sauce.


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