Best Getting Ready Locations in Downtown Chicago

Arguably, one of the most important moments throughout your entire wedding day is the getting ready process. This is where everything starts to come together. It’s a moment on your special day that should be fun and exciting! It’s actually one of our favorite moments to capture on your wedding day. However, you should know that a lot goes into the getting ready process that many couples might not realize. Where you choose to get ready is equally as important as the venue you choose to have your wedding at! In this blog, we’re going to be talking about some of the best getting-ready locations in Downtown Chicago. To us, these are some of the best of the best, the creme de la creme.

Why Are Getting Ready Locations So Important

Choosing the perfect getting-ready location is only half the battle. You also have to know the why.


First and foremost, lighting! You want to make sure that you’re choosing a getting-ready location that has amazing lighting. Any photographer will tell you that the key to some amazing photos, is amazing lighting. Preferably we love to work with natural lighting, as this can be the most even and natural looking. Making sure you choose a getting-ready location with a lot of windows and natural lighting will ensure your photos are coming out top-notch.

Having Enough Space

Choosing the perfect getting-ready location also means making sure you have enough space for yourself and your wedding party. Typically, while our couples are getting ready they are also spending that time with their bridesmaids and groomsmen. The morning of your wedding can get very crowded, very quickly. Hair and makeup artists, your parents, friends, photographers, and videographers.. can be a lot. You want to make sure that you’re choosing a getting-ready location that is large enough for everyone to be comfortable. It also makes taking photos of your getting-ready space that much easier if there is more than enough room to get different angles.

Be A Little Boujee

Use your getting-ready space as an excuse to be a little boujee and spoiled on your wedding day. It’s okay, you can do it – we give you permission! As we mentioned before, your getting ready process is so special. I mean come on, it’s not every day that you’re getting married! So don’t be afraid to go all out, upgrade your room to a suite and live it up.

Helps Create an Aesthetic

Lastly, your getting ready location also helps create an aesthetic for your wedding photos. More specifically when we choose to take detail photos. Your detail photos are photos that we take as soon as we get to your getting-ready location. This can include your invitation suite, jewelry, your veil, floral trimmings, bouquet, perfume, etc. Detail photos essentially help in telling your love story! So choosing a getting-ready location where it can help in the aesthetic of your overall wedding photos will just elevate them that much more.

Best Getting Ready Locations in Downtown Chicago

Over the years of photographing hundreds of weddings, we have been able to find the best of the best getting-ready locations. These locations are for couples who are looking for all of the boxes checked off. They have amazing lighting, unique decor, and architecture, helping create your aesthetic and giving our couples a one-of-a-kind experience.

Eurostars Magnificent Mile – Presidential Suite

best getting ready locations in downtown chicago

If you haven’t guessed by now, we are a big fan of suites for your getting-ready spot. Another one of our faves is the Presidential Suite at Eurostars Magnificent Mile. What you might find is that a lot of suites will have amazing city views as well as tons of windows. The presidential suite has no shortage of that. Filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, a private gym, and open and airy living & dining spaces, this suite is a no-brainer for any couple. Check out more info on the presidential suite at Eurostars Magnificent Mile.

Viceroy Chicago Hotel – Penthouse Suite

The Penthouse Suite located at the Viceroy Chicago Hotel is a prime getting-ready spot here in Downtown Chicago. The Viceroy Chicago Hotel is inside a 120-year old building and yet is the epitome of luxury and elegance. You can immerse yourself in the beautiful city while having a luxe stay in the beautiful penthouse suite. Surrounded by windows, the amount of natural light that peeks in is unbelievably beautiful. You can have enough room for you as well as several other guests and it is one of our favorite getting-ready locations in Downtown Chicago. To check out more details of the Penthouse Suite, click here!

The Ritz-Carlton – Navy Pier Two Bedroom Suite

One of the most infamous hotels in any major city has got to be The Ritz-Carlton. If it were up to us, we would hands down choose the Navy Pier Two Bedroom Suite for the perfect getting-ready spot. This specific suite gives you panoramic views of Lake Michigan and unobstructed views of Chicago’s Navy Pier and the Chicago city skyline. This suite has a ton of amazing natural light that makes it one of the most perfect getting-ready locations. Check out The Ritz-Carlton’s Navy Pier Two Bedroom Suite!

Waldorf Astoria – Presidential Suite

The Waldorf Astoria hotel is a luxurious, elegant, and timeless hotel located in Downtown Chicago. The Waldorf Astoria hotel provides a one-of-a-kind experience for all of its guests and truly has some of the best services. Like we were floored! As for a getting-ready space, we highly recommend checking out their Presidential Suite. The Presidential Suite is a 2,400-square-foot elegant suite and is completely covered in natural light. With floor-to-ceiling windows, Juliette terraces, and gorgeous views from the 26th floor, it will seriously take your breath away. It sure did for us! Check out The Waldorf Astoria Presidential Suite!

Blackstone Hotel – Presidential Suite

Next up, is the Blackstone Hotel. Well known in the Chicago community as “The Hotel of Presidents”, the Blackstone Hotel has everything you ever need for a once-in-a-lifetime stay. It’s been in operation since 1910 and has since undergone transformations to develop it into the sought-after hotel that it is today. Known as one of their iconic suites, the Presidential Suite was good enough for some of the U.S’s most infamous presidents. Now, anybody is able to book their stay at this elegant and luxe suite. When you book the presidential suite, you get a lavish foyer and powder room, dining room, and beautiful views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan. Check out Blackstone Hotel’s Presidential Suite!

InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile – Royal Suite

Next up we have the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile hotel. Now try saying that three times fast – LOL. Known as the crown jewel of Michigan Ave, the ICCH has been a legendary hotel location since 1929. The building itself still reeks of the 1920’s essence but in the best way possible. We love it! If you’re looking to book a stay here to get ready for your wedding, we highly recommend checking out their Royal Suite. The Royal Suite is located at the top of the hotel’s historic Executive Tower and offers stunning views of our beautiful Chicago. It’s a two-story suite with king beds, a separate den, a dining area, and an entryway powder room. You really can feel like royalty here! Check out the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile Royal Suite!

Chicago Athletic Association – Founders Suite

The Chicago Athletic Association is the epitome of Chicago culture. It has that timeless Chicago style and is the perfect place if you’re looking to feel the heart of the city. Located directly across from Millennium Park, this is a boutique hotel housed within a Venetian Gothic 1893 building. You are met with grand ballrooms, pubs, and incredible detailing. Our favorite spot here would hands down be the Founders Suite. The Founders Suite is the perfect blend of old and new charm. It incorporates the history of the building and that old Chicago style, with still a hint of a modern touch. Gorgeous views, stunning decor, and lighting… it’s a no-brainer to have this be one of your top getting-ready locations!

Hilton Chicago – 2 Bedroom Luxury Suite w/ King and Double Beds

Last but certainly not least, we have the Hilton Chicago. This gorgeous hotel overlooks Grant Park and is in close proximity to some of the most well-known destination spots here in Chicago. However, if you’re looking for the best of the best room here at Hilton Chicago, we recommend checking out the 2 Bedroom Luxury Suite. This suite is decorated to give off those cool and modern type vibes, which of course we are always here for. A common theme you may notice is the tons of natural light in these rooms. This is essential if you’re taking getting ready photos, in case you forgot. Check out the Hilton Chicago 2 Bedroom Luxury Suite!

Best Getting Ready Locations in Downtown Chicago

In conclusion, these have got to be some of the best getting-ready locations in Downtown Chicago. To see some more great examples of some getting-ready locations, check out our blog!


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