An Intimate Luxury Backyard Wedding

While we’re all about the drama and elegance that comes with big, extravagant weddings there’s something about intimate backyard weddings that just have us SWOONIN’. Lauren and Bill took an intimate luxury backyard wedding to the next level and we were living for every moment of it.

An Intimate Luxury Backyard Wedding

Lauren and Bill, along with many couples throughout the past two years, have had to do a lot of rearranging to their wedding plans. Thanks to the worldwide pandemonium, many couples were forced to change their wedding plans or postpone their special days. This led to many couples of course being heartbroken, disappointed, and feeling completely defeated. However, for Lauren and Bill, while this news was disappointing, it didn’t stop them from losing sight of their dream wedding. It just meant it was going to be different and if you know us, we LOVE different.

Lauren and Bill chose to have an intimate luxury backyard wedding that quite literally took our breath away. Now you may be thinking we say this all too much BUT… well, it’s true. We do say that a lot, but can you blame us?? Nestled in a quaint Chicago suburb, Lauren and Bill got ready for one of the most memorable days of their life. All tucked away was this beautiful open space that was being prepared for their wedding day.

Backyard Wedding Ceremony // Intimate Luxury Backyard Wedding

Everything from Lauren’s gorgeous dress from Something Bleu Bridal to how stunning the decor was, just truly blew us away. The love & connection that radiated between Lauren and Bill were just next level and we were officially and completely HYPE. This intimate backyard wedding was the epitome of luxury. It truly exceeded any expectation of what a backyard wedding should look/be like.

Lauren and Bill’s Wedding was a day of laughter, a few tears and a whole lot of celebrating. After saying their I do’s we wandered throughout the gorgeous property for some golden hour portraits. Shortly after, we joined the rest of their wedding guests for a night filled with good eatin’ & a whole lot of dancing. However, we must warn you that you may or may not see us doing the worm on the dance floor. Hey, don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

How to Prep for an Intimate Luxury Backyard Wedding

When you first think of intimate backyard weddings, you probably think two things: easy and cost effective. While this can be the case for many intimate backyard weddings, that doesn’t mean it is for all of them. In fact, knowing how to prep for an intimate backyard wedding can be quite tricky. Luckily, we’ve got some tips to help you plan your intimate luxury backyard wedding!

1.) Consider the Season + Weather

When preparing to have an intimate backyard wedding, of course you have to consider the season and weather. While Mother Nature is unpredictable, you are able to control the when! If you’re looking to have a summer wedding, remember that you may need to rent out fans or umbrellas to keep your guests cool. However, if you’re looking to have a wedding in the cooler months, consider gifting wedding guests blankets just in case they get cold!

2.) Prep the Yard

Just because you’re having an intimate backyard wedding, does not mean you shouldn’t take some time to clean up your “ceremony and reception” space. Any necessary maintenance that needs to be done, weeds that need to be pulled and grass that needs to be cut should be maintained even days leading up to the wedding. Have your standards for you backyard be the same as if it were any other venue!

3.) Let Your Neighbors Know!

The last thing you want is to upset your neighbors and have a riot on your hands! Make sure that before any events take place, that you inform all neighbors about the upcoming festivities. This will in preventing any noise complaints or police visits, especially if you take the time to do this extra step.

4.) Cover All Amenities

If you’re planning on having an intimate backyard wedding, make sure that you have got all of your amenities covered. Keep in mind if you’re backyard is ADA accessible and if there are enough restrooms for all of your guests. This may mean having to rent certain items, but trust me when we say you AND your guests will appreciate this.

5.) Always Have A Backup Plan

When all else fails, we recommend always having a backup plan. Due to the unpredictability of many things, having a plan B is a must when planning an intimate backyard wedding. Especially if you’re planning on hiring several different vendors on your special day, a lot of moving parts can go awry. Always aim to have a backup plan just in case certain things don’t fall into place perfectly.

6.) Splurge on Capturing the Memories

Above all else, we recommend splurging on the memories. Aka hiring a wedding photographer and/or videographer for your special day. While you may be getting married in the comfort of your own home, that doesn’t mean your memories shouldn’t be documented. Now you may be thinking “but you are completely biased” and to that we say… you’re completely right. However, we truly believe that your wedding day is not the day to “cut costs” especially when it comes to capturing your memories. Your memories don’t have a price tag, so splurging on professional photographers/videographers are some of, if not, one of the most important things you can splurge on.

So if you’re in the middle of planning your intimate backyard wedding and are in need of some BOMB photography/videography coverage… hit our line – just click here!

intimate luxury backyard wedding reception
intimate luxury backyard wedding reception


Photography: Millenium Moments

Dress: Something Bleu Bridal

Makeup & Hair: NV Beauty and Health

DJ: Reception Entertainment Chicago


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