Inspo + Ideas: Bridal Boudoir Photography in Chicago

Tasteful and with just the right amount of tease — get inspired by this bridal boudoir photography in Chicago.

What is bridal boudoir photography?

Bridal boudoir is an intimate and revealing professional photoshoot, often used as a wedding gift. Most brides wear white lingerie and robes as a hint to their upcoming wedding day.

It’s the perfect celebration for a bride to be and such an intimate gift for that lucky fiancé of hers. It’s also a great excuse to look as snatched as you are.

Bridal boudoir photography ideas

Some of my absolute favorite bridal boudoir sessions included a few of the following, and they can be as revealing or modest as you’d like! You define your comfort zone, girl! #keepit100

  • Lacey white lingerie
  • Silk robe (in white!)
  • Posing on the bed
  • Playing with the veil
  • Wrapped up in white bed sheets

When should you schedule your session?

To make sure there’s enough time to edit and print your photos, it’s best to take your photos about 3 months before the wedding. That way, it fits in as a perfect celebration, but won’t be too close to the wedding day to cause any stress.

If you’re not using your hair and makeup trial for bridal or engagement photos, your boudoir photo shoot is the perfect time to take advantage of getting your hair and makeup done!

Choosing your bridal boudoir photographer

Selecting your boudoir photographer can feel a bit like finding a best friend. Will they get you? Does she make you laugh? Do you feel like you’ve known her forever? Will she push you out of your comfort zone, but not too far? Of all things, besides being a kickass photographer, your boudoir photog should be your hype person. Most of the time (unless you bring your actual best friend), your photographer will be the only one in the room with you!

You’ll want to enjoy her company and trust that she knows how to make you look good. Mimosas help for sure.

If I had to go back and hire my first boudoir photographer, I would recommend asking for three of her recent galleries and looking through her reviews. If you feel good, LOVE how the photos look and can’t help but to feel at ease when talking to your photographer, she’s the one!

A Chicago bridal boudoir gallery to give you ideas

Go ahead, steal outfit ideas, location insights and poses from this gallery of bridal boudoir photography in Chicago.

Feeling like this is something you should put into the wedding agenda? I promise, it’ll end up feeling more like a gift to yourself than anything else!

See more of what I’m up to on the ‘gram! And contact me if you want to make this Chicago boudoir shoot happen.


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