University of Chicago Fall Engagement

Discover the super glamorous, and romantic photos from this fun couples’ engagement session at the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago Engagement Fall Session

If you’re looking somewhere for an epic backdrop then you needn’t look further than the University of Chicago. UIC is such a unique place that feels almost otherworldly that has doorways, bridges, and arches that are all so gothically romantic. We call this place Hogwarts! It’s one of our favorite engagement photography locations in Chicago, and it’s where we knew our soon-to-be-married couple Alyssa & Brian would love too.

Alyssa + Brian Story

The Illinois State alumni couple met back in 2012 while enjoying a friendly game of beach volleyball with some other freshmen. During the game, they kept catching each other’s eyes. Brian and Alyssa knew there was a connection happening right there in the sandpit. A few weeks later, the pair ran into each other again at a party. This time there was no net to keep them apart, and they spent the rest of the night talking together. Following these two chance meetings, Alyssa & Bryan started to date, and 7 and a half years later, Brian proposed! On a romantic rooftop back in November 2020. And that takes us up to today and our engagement photos with this lovely pair at the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago Engagement Fall Session Purple Dress

Why have an Engagement Session?

Michael and I know the importance of an engagement session preparing a couple to be photographed on their wedding day. It settles nerves, creates a bond between us and the couple, and we get to create some awesome photography together! At the beginning of Alyssa and Brian’s engagement session, they were a bit nervous and that is A-OKAY! So we knew we had to hype them up in order to make them feel comfortable in front camera. Michael and I guided them through some poses like bumping hips while walking. Then we screamed, “Knock his ass over!” for loads of encouragement. I’m telling them how amazing they look because hell yeah they did! And you can see from these engagement photos that we really captured a moment between these two Chicago lovebirds!

For the engagement session, Alyssa and Brian brought two outfits, one casual and one formal. But for this location, I had to bring our client closet dress! AND I’m so glad I did! Because Alyssa fell IN LOVE with this dress! It wasn’t her usual style, but it worked so well on her, and it looked STUNNING in these photos.

It was a pleasure to be shooting again at the University of Chicago, aka Hogwarts! We adore capturing these super romantic engagement photos of Alyssa and Brian. They were a joy to hang out with, so much fun to chat with, and we can’t wait to shoot their big day!

Their University of Chicago Fall Engagement Photos

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