Intimate Meets Boho At This Danada House Wedding

These two university lovebirds tied the knot back in August ’21 at Danada House, and they threw one of the sweetest gatherings this Chicago Wedding Photographer has ever seen.

Bride and groom getting ready at Danada House

Not all wedding’s need to be like high school reunions. Just because it’s called a big day, it doesn’t mean it has to be this huge, grand affair with 350 guests including their partners and hamsters. No, if that’s not you, don’t feel like you need to celebrate in that way. Instead, you could be more like our newly-wed buddies Brianna and Nick, who decided they didn’t want your typical busy wedding day. They wanted something that better matched their shared personality trait, chilled. And so on August 14th, 2021, these two sweethearts tied the knot at Danada House in Wheaton, with an intimate ceremony and reception surrounded only by their nearest and dearest — and one very lucky wedding photographer from Chicago!

Who Are Brianna & Nick?

From the moment we met this couple, we could see why they had decided to tie the knot. Because they were just so inseparable! The kind of couple who finish each other’s sentences, are always swapping inside-jokes (but in the best way), and are generally just really into each other! Which bodes so well for the future because together these guys have been weaving back and forth between Illinois and Miami since 2015. And they’ve been away for a while in Florida, so it’s just so sweet that they came back to Illinois, and chose the lovely Danada House to host their nuptials!

As individuals, they are both super calm and totally free-spirited, with a laid-back attitude that is so refreshing to see. Brianna is much more outgoing and a social butterfly, while Nick is the peaceful one. A delightful balance.

The Proposal

Brianna has been a massive fan of sunflowers ever since she was little. During her relationship with Nick, she had mentioned that she’d love to go to a sunflower field one day. Things, however, would always get in the way, and they would never make it.

One day, Nick said that he’d found a sunflower farm nearby, and thought they should check it out that weekend. So the quest began! Nick and Brianna drove over to the farm that was about a 45-minute drive. Soon to find that the sunflowers were all gone! The pair was a little bummed out, but thankfully after speaking to a local farmer they got fresh directions to another sunflower farm. Fortunately, this farm still had sunflowers, and upon arriving, they both started picking them. After a time, they were ready to leave, and Brianna started to walk out of the field, ahead of Nick. Suddenly, Nick says, “hey babe?” so Brianna turns back around. She finds Nick down on one knee in the dirt, whereupon he asks, “Will you be my wife?”. Too sweet!!

Where did they Tie the Knot?

These two Illinois natives exchanged their vows at the ever pretty Danada House in Wheaton. A place that I, as a Chicago wedding photographer, have had the privilege of shooting at on a couple of occasions. And every time it has been super special. It’s a venue that effortlessly blends the natural beauty of the DuPage County Forest Preserve, with the charms of a renovated historic mansion. It’s so perfect for getting ready photos with the bride and groom, as all their spaces are gloriously bathed in natural light. Including the reception room, which is formed almost entirely of glass windows, gifting a really dreamy feel to the space.

The Danada House Wedding

The whole wedding from start to finish was just bliss. Aesthetically, it was totally charming, with that boho look that I cannot get enough of these days. Brianna’s dress was so unique, and coordinated with the backdrop effortlessly. Lots of lace, flowing tulle, and an adorable floral crown, which together, looked wonderful in their portraits. And throughout their ceremony, and reception they had placed lots of cute signs and thoughtful gestures for their guests that only served to elevate the really loving feeling in the air. Speaking of loving, their first look shot was so sweet! You have to check out their shots! These two are so in love, they couldn’t resist holding hands before they saw each other. Ha!

Venue: Danada House

Cake: Lezza

Dress: The Bridal Boutique Naperville

Suit: Men’s Wearhouse

Florist: DLN Floral Creations

MUHA: Makeup by Jacquee

Catering: Chef by Request Catering

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