Should You Print Your Wedding Photos?

Okay okay, so hear us out. We are not ones to pressure our couples in the SLIGHTEST. We solely believe that the freedom of choice is obviously one of the biggest and greatest gifts. However, when we get questions like “should we print our wedding photos” we are shouting from the mountain tops YES! Your wedding day is more than just this one-and-done event and then poof it’s gone. On the contrary, your wedding day should be documented to the absolute fullest, *cough cough* that’s where we come in. So are you still wondering should you print your wedding photos? Keep reading to hear our two cents.

Prints and Albums Make Great Gifts

chicago wedding photos

Your wedding photos are cherishable moments. Those memories of a day filled with laughter and love will never be forgotten. Who says you have to be the only one to enjoy them though? Printing out your wedding photos and/or gifting an album can be an AMAZING gift for loved ones. Especially on the first holiday after the wedding, printing out your wedding photos will surely be a good memory. Gift your loved one with an album with your favorite images. Or gift a framed family photo for Mother’s/Father’s day. A photo of you and your loved ones on the dance floor, or them tearing up at the reception during speeches. All make some of the most amazing and cherishable gifts anyone can ever receive.

While of course, your wedding day reflects your love story, your wedding guests are also the ones that helped make these memories as well. Share your wedding photos with those who were there to make such a special day so memorable.

Digitals May Not Last Forever

So it’s been several weeks since you’ve gotten married. You open up your inbox and notice an unread email from your wedding photographer (maybe it’s us *wink*). In this email, it contains the beautifully curated wedding photos that you’ve been itching to see. The moment is finally here and while you are oozing with joy over how amazing your photos turned out, there is a part of you that might just wish you could hold them in your hand. While yes, you’re right. These photos are just three swipes from being the star on your Instagram feed, we have to admit that there is some inkling in our minds saying that digitals may not last forever.

Relying on technology to cherish some of our most powerful and important memories is a rather risky gamble if you think about it. One moment your hard drive could crash, that USB could be lost or social media is gone for good. I mean we don’t hope that it happens, but sometimes we have to err on the side of caution. When you print your wedding photos, frame them or put them in an album that is a guarantee that these photos will stay. Through moving homes, exchanging hands, in & out of boxes those photos will be there through it all. While digitals are easy and accessible for the time being, there is no guarantee of what can happen in the future. Remember that your memories and special moments are worth splurging and cherishing.

Keepsakes For Future Generations

chicago wedding photos

We can guarantee that 9 out of 10 have you at some point have gone snooping through your family’s belongings. No, we’re not saying the quarters you would steal from the couch cushions. We’re talking about those crazy-filled boxes/baskets with old photos, scrapbooks, and albums documenting your family’s lives. Maybe you came across your grandparent’s wedding photos or even your great grandparents. When you’re young, looking back at those photos is a defining moment. A moment where you’re transported back in time. Members of your family who maybe you never had the chance to meet are staring right back at you in these photos. That may sound creepy when reading it but trust us… we mean it in the most wholesome way possible.

Just like what you experienced when you were younger, looking back at your family’s old photos the future generations of your family can look back and look at yours. They not only get to witness the emotions and feelings behind your special day but get to experience it alongside you. For any future grandchildren who may never get the chance to meet you in person, looking back at your wedding album may be the only connection they have to you and their history. It’s a beautiful thing to experience and we want everyone to be able to experience the joy and happiness you felt on one of the most special days of your life.

Looking At Them Makes You Happy

Do you know that one shirt that you buy that you become absolutely obsessed with? Then you go back to the store and end up buying the same shirt in about 5 different colors. Do you ever ask yourself why you do that? Maybe yes and the answer that you say back to yourself is “because I like it”. So why can’t that same logic apply to your wedding photos. If you love them so much, why NOT print them? If they make you happy, why not print them to remind you of those happy memories?

Walking down your stairs as you pass by your wedding photos first thing in the morning is an amazing experience. Look around as you and your boo thang are building a life together. Why wouldn’t you want to remember such amazing memories? Whether it be hanging your photos in a frame on the wall or a dedicated spot on your coffee table for everyone to see. These photos and memories are ones worth reliving every and any chance that you can get.

If you’re splurging on wedding photography for your special day, we absolutely HIGHLY recommend going the extra mile to print your wedding photos. You’ve invested so much already in these memories and they should be everlasting in every way possible. So, should you print your wedding photos? The answer is and always will be yes.

You’re Own Personal Hype Duo…

Oh hey, and if you’ve made it all the way down here congrats! We know that these blogs can be super lengthy so we appreciate you making it all the way to the end. If you’ve gotten down to this point it might be because you’re looking for a wedding photographer & videographer team. Well well well, would you look at that… you’ve found one! We would be more than honored to capture your special day, so to learn more about us we first need to learn a little bit about you! Click here to fill out our contact form and we’ll chat more about your wedding vision!

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